Gearbox Sealing Procedures

CEMC Engine Sealing Procedure
3rd Category – Touring Cars, Group 3E – Circuit Excel
The Sealing of Existing Gearboxes

The following procedures are to be followed for the sealing of an Existing gearboxes that is currently in a car or have come out of a wreck or spare car.

  • Installation of Gearbox Seal is to have two bolts to the right of the drain plug drilled out to 2mm.

  • A Sealer may instruct owner to drill the bolts out prior to sealing to aid the installation of the seal and the process. These are the two bolts that will be drilled out. Wire placed between these two bolts to the right of drain plug.

Bots to be drilled out
with a 2mm
Diameter drill bit.
Wire Seal to be
placed between these
two bolts.