Starting Out!

So your looking at getting into Motorsport and you have chosen Circuit Excel Racing as your entry point into this sport? That’s Fantastic and Congratulations!

The Circuit Excel Association of Victoria provides a great means of competing in affordable, grass roots, circuit based motorsport. By joining the association, you can go on to compete at a level of motorsport that suits your interest and budget.

The Category:

The category is based around Series X3 competition vehicles including and limited to Hyundai Excel X3 models manufactured between 01/07/1994 and 31/06/2000.

All model iterations of GX, GL, LX, GLX and Sprint are eligible.  Both the 1495cc double overhead camshaft (DOHC) 74kW and single overhead camshaft (SOHC) 66kW engines are eligible.

Each vehicle must remain in standard specification except where modifications are permitted.

Getting Started:

Prior to being eligible to compete or apply to become a Motorsport Australia member and licence holder, you will need to belong to an approved Motorsport Australia affiliated club. We recommend becoming a member of the Hyundai Excel Association of  Victoria, this also will be the best way to keep up to date with whats happening on and off the track in the Circuit Excel category.

The Car:

Hyundai Excels Race Circuit Cars are regularly becoming available, as drivers either chose to upgrade their cars or moving on to other class in circuit racing. If you wish to buy a race ready Excel, and you’re on Facebook, join groups such as Hyundai Excel Racing Association Of Victoria or Hyundai Excel Track Cars for the occasional posting of second hand race ready cars being sold. These two Facebook groups are also a great place to ask questions to a friendly excel racing community, from all over Australia.

If you enjoy the challenge and are mechanically minded or not and looking at converting a road car into a Hyundai Excel Race Spec car, Gumtree / Facebook or Ebay always has a healthy listing of x3 Excels – The latter model twin cams (Built Between 1998-2000) have a better and stronger engine (Silver Top).

A base vehicle that meets the category requirements and can be converted to race specifications has typically traveled between 120,000 and 280,000 kilometers on Australian roads.  Vehicles can be purchased from as little as $300 to $1500.

There are two options for roll cages – either purchasing a pre-fabricated bolt-in kit and installing yourself (kits are available from both AGI Roll Cages a club sponsor), or having a roll cage fabricated and welded in by a professional fabricator.

Series X3 Vehicles compete on a high-performance 15″ Federal 595RS-R “Controlled Tyre”.

Suspension is controlled under the Motorsport Australia regulations for group 3E Excels.

For Motorsport Australia race meetings, your car must be fitted with an appropriate timing system these can be purchased from most good Race Shops – please refer to the technical regulations for the exact mounting location on the car.

A Typical total build cost for a Series X3 Excel race car, is between approx. $6000 and $10,000.

All general safety equipment; Helmets, Suits, Seats, Harnesses etc. can be purchased from most professional race shops located in most states. Please check with your local Motorsport Australia office for specifications and requirements.

Motorsport Australia Technical Regulations

To go racing with us, your car will need to comply with the category specific technical regulations, which is the Group 3E – Circuit Excel  regulations along with all other Motorsport Australia general requirements.

Engine & Gearbox Sealing

Starting in 2018, all engines and gearboxes must be sealed by an approved engine sealer.

If you are having your engine re-built, the engine must be inspected during re-assembly and sealed at completion. For those just running an engine stock standard as it came with a road car, you can opt to simply have the engine sealed without inspection, using the honesty system but if your car is amongst the top performers, you may be requested to strip down your engine for a full inspection and re-sealing. Information on how to prepare your engine for sealing is on our website.

Please follow the below links for information on how to prepare your Engine and Gearbox for sealing:

Engine Sealing

Gearbox Sealing

Log Book your vehicle

Once you have completed your build and the car is race ready, you must apply for a log book and have it inspected by a Motorsport Australia approved prelog book scrutineer, to ensure the car is safe and compliant with all regulations specific to the category.

New Log Book Application

Log Book Change Of Ownership Details

Licence Details

We advised all NEW competitors contact there nearest Motorsport Australia office for information regarding Licence requirements.  Your local Motorsport Australia office can also advise on your Medical Standards requirements.

Victorian Motorsport Australia Office contact details

Address: 851 Dandenong Road, Malven East, Vic 3145

Telephone: 03 9593 7777

Post: PO Box 147 Caulfield East, 3145 Australia

Before you can race competitively you must obtain a Motorsport Australia licence. There are various levels of licence available, starting with a Level 2/2S Licence which enables you to compete at Speed Events.  To race at circuit race meetings you will require a minimum of a Provisional Clubman Circuit licence.

Licence Application

To obtain a Motorsport Australia licence you need to submit a Motorsport Australia licence application form along with a completed medical from your GP to CAMS Customer Service. Due to the volume of licence renewals, your licence can take a couple of weeks, so remember to send this to Motorsport Austrlaia well before your first race meeting.

Once your licence application is processed, you will receive an email from Motorsport Australia with a link to their online lecture. This needs to be completed successfully to obtain your licence. After successful completion of the online lecture, Motorsport Australia will issue you with a Pre-Licence Authority Form.

Observed Licence Tests

An OLT ‘observed Licence Test’ is a test of practical skill where Motorsport Australia approved instructors observe you under modified race conditions.

The OLT is a critical component of the application stage. It provides a means that you have basic understanding and knowledge of maneuvering a vehicle at high speeds to ensure the safety of both yourself and others.

OLT days are held throughout the year, for further information  on OLT driving days please visit your local Motorsport Australia website.

Obtaining a Licence with out an OLT

To obtain a Provisional Circuit licence without completing an OLT, you must have completed either ‘only Motorsport Australia events’

  • Five super sprints, or regularity, within two years

  • Two tarmac rally events within two years

  • Or hold a Karting Australia B Grade licence or higher, or hold a MA NSK/ISKC licence.

If you have done the above, send your application and a copy of your five 5 results to our member service team and state that it is to go towards your application. After which you will need to complete the online circuit lecture which will be forwarded to you.

Motorsport Australia Competition Licences

Motorsport Australia – Observed Licence Test