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The Victorian Excel Racing Association was formed to provide an affordable and fun entry level racing category, something we thought was lacking from circuit racing industry.

Since our first meeting of only 7 like minded people back in 2014, the club has grown to now over 100+  Registered Drivers and Cars in Victoria, with grids regularly fielding maximum capacities per round.

All cars run a control suspension and tires with the rest of the major components having to be stock Hyundai Excel parts as supplied in Australia.

If you are mechanically minded or just a car enthusiast you can have a car on the track for around seven thousand dollars if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and doing some work yourself. Alternatively Race Ready cars are becoming more available across Facebook sites.

A Motorsport Australia license ( will be required to race , links can be found under Rules & Regulations within this site, to officially gain a Motorsport Australia license you will be required to conduct an online multiple choice exam as well as attend an O.L.T day, dates and time do apply, stay informed by our event calendar, or on the Motorsport Australia website for the next O.L.T day.

 A club membership and the appropriate safety gear will also be required.

If you have any questions or would like any further information leave us a message on our Contact Us page, or email us directly at and one of our Club members will be more than happy to answer any question you have and  guide you through the process of obtaining a license, The Rules & Regulations and the best safety gear.

So If this sounds like a fun class to you and believe me it is!! Why not come along to a race meet and check it out. I’m sure you will not be disappointed  and we will be seeing you on the track in no time.

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