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The Victorian Excel Racing Association was formed to provide an affordable and fun entry level racing category, something we thought was lacking at the time. Since our first meeting of half a dozen like minded people the club has grown to the point where we are regularly fielding grids of thirty to forty cars.

All cars run on control suspension and tyres with the rest of the major components having to be stock Hyundai Excel parts as supplied in Australia. You can have a car on track for around six thousand dollars if you do some work yourself. You will also need a cams license (, club membership and the appropriate safety gear. Club members will be more than happy to guide you through the process of obtaining a license and the best safety gear.

If this sounds like a fun class to you and believe me it is why not come along to a race meet and have a look. I’m sure you will be hooked and we will be seeing you on the track in no time.

Membership Form

Hyundai Membership form download

Membership Form
Hyundai Excel Racing Association of Victoria Membership Form
Please attach cheque / money order (not cash if by post) and make payable to Hyundai Excel Racing Association Victoria Inc, post to Membership Secretary Hyundai Excel Racing Association Vic. Inc. PO Box 2386, Fountain Gate Vic 3805 . Internet Payment: Commonwealth Bank Account Name: Hyundai Excel Racing Association Vic. Inc. BSB: 063549 Account No: 10663717, In reference field please put your surname. Membership runs from 1st January to 31st. December 2019
You can put multiple numbers in order of preference
If known
If known
I hereby apply for general membership of the Hyundai Excel Racing Association of Australia (Victoria Incorporated) and agree to abide by the regulations, Rules and By-Laws of the Association, the Hyundai Excel Racing Victoria Technical Regulations and the CAMS Manual of Motorsport, and support the spirit and objectives of Hyundai Excel Racing Victoria. I certify that the above particulars are true and correct.

Current Rules

Hyundai Excel Racing Association Current Rules

Engine and Gearbox Sealing

Circuit Excel Engines Sealing Procedures all holes to be drilled 2mm in size.

Sealing of Existing Gearboxes

Engine Sealing Sheet

Timing Device location

Timing device location

Driving Standards

Hyundai Excel Driving Standards

2019 3E Circuit Excel Regulations